Mary Kay becomes Iowa Schools’ most recent fundraising sponsor

Mary Kay is one of the most trusted in the MLM industry. Their products have gotten global attention and are known for being some of the best cosmetic products around. The Mary Kay company has been in business since the 1960’s and has grown larger with each decade.

Now, they are Iowa School’s most recent sponsorship.

Now lead by David Holl, the Mary Kay company is a powerful leader in the world of MLM and many other companies try to model after them. Over the years, Mary Kay has not only focused on the quality of their products but they have spent a lot of time and money in their people as well.

Each representative is provided with a wealth of knowledge and support from day one. Mary Kay makes it easy to succeed with their highly detailed sales plan.

Sign-up costs: $100/One-time fee

Global Revenue: $4 Billion

The Good: Mary Kay stands by their representatives and provides them with a wealth of information.

The Bad: Some areas may be saturated by having too many representatives from the same zip code.


Five of the Most Popular Mary Kay Products
• Makeup
• Skincare
• Body and sun
• Fragrance
• Men’s products

Makeup is Mary Kay’s bread and butter. Mary Kay made their name by producing some of the best makeup the world has seen. While Mary Kay makeup is not considered high end, its quality is very good. For decades’ women around the country have trusted Mary Kay with their makeup needs. This trend has been passed down from generation to generation and now Mary Kay is one of the largest makeup producers in the world.

Skin care is another product that Mary Kay knows how to do well (even better than Nerium skin care products). Their large selection of skin care products has attracted its own market. Many people swear by Mary Kay skin products and simply won’t use another brand. Having such a strong brand gives Mary Kay a unique position in the marketplace. This means that you the representative will have a brand that you can be proud to stand by.

Body and sun care products are a secondary product line that Mary Kay has quite a few years of practice getting it right. They have an extensive line of lotions that smell great and are wonderful for the skin. They only use the best ingredients in their body and sun care products just like everything they sell. Lotions and sunscreens are two things that many people use on a daily basis and May Kay representatives sell a ton of this stuff.

Fragrance products have been a Mary Kay specialty from the very start. Cheaper than designer perfume, Mary Kay offers an affordable alternative that smells just as great. Over the years, Mary Kay has built up an impressive line of fragrances that rivals those offered in department stores. Perfume makes a great gift and Mary Kay representatives should see a huge rise in sales during the holiday season.

Men’s products are something new that Mary Kay has been offering over the last few years. Mary Kay’s market has been traditionally for women but times have changed. Now the company has also invested in products with men in mind. This change has given Mary Kay an advantage over other similar MLM companies that are not catering to men yet. A recent report shows just how fast the market is growing for men’s personal care products (1).


Mary Kay is one of the most respective MLM companies in the world. With decades of sales, this brand is trusted by both men and women of all ages. Mary Kay is an American institution that most people recognize right away. This provides you the representative a brand that can be trusted. Mary Kay has a huge product selection that spans from makeup to men’s products.

A one-time startup fee of $100 will give you a starter package and all the support you need to get started. Mary Kay has a long history of standing by their representative and this company has some of the best customer service in the world.

The good

When it comes to quality Mary Kay has some of the best products around. Their brand is recognized around the world by millions of people. Also, their global sales are in the billions of dollars and it’s increasing every year. The company has a long history of standing by their representatives as well as their products. They have a comprehensive starter package that will help those new to the company excel.

The bad

Depending on the area you choose to sell in, you might find that the market is already saturated with by too many representatives. This may affect your ability to make the most out of your investment. It is also unclear if Mary Kay limits the number of representatives in a certain area and this may be an issue as well.


One of the best cosmetic companies to invest in has to be Mary Kay. With its wide selection of products and its decades in the industry, Mary Kay has gained the trust of the people. Mary Kay has been around since the 1960’s and many different generations of women have trusted their products. Now Mary Kay with its forward thinking CEO is now offering men’s beauty products. This award-winning MLM company has a lot to offer its representatives and for a small fee, it will provide you with a wealth of information to get you started.

During your first few days of signing up with the company, you will be contacted by someone from the company that will help you get started. Before you sign-up with the company, make sure that the area you are going to sell in has room for you. This will allow your business to thrive. If you are willing to work hard, Mary Kay is the perfect opportunity for you. They will give you all that you need to get started and will work with you as your business grows.

Iowa schools can look forward to some great years of fundraising.